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Mr Pierre Van Dyk



Mr Pierre Van Dyk is a highly experienced Physiotherapist with a passion for helping patients with musculoskeletal problems,sports injuries,vertigo and corrective orthotics care. He graduated with an Honours degree in Physiotherapy from Pretoria, South Africa, in 2000 and he has been providing exceptional care to patients for over 23 years.

Mr Van Dyk started his career by running his own clinic in Pretoria, where he specialised in sports injuries and musculoskeletal problems. He was also the lead physio for the Blue Bulls Super 15 rugby team for two years. After moving to the UK in 2005, he began working for Ford in Southampton as a certified OMT spinal physio with extensive experience in ergonomics.

He is passionate about finding the root cause of a problem and improving patients’ posture and providing exercise regimens to aid in their healing process. In addition to his work with adult patients, he also treats children with physical development problems as well as women with pregnancy-related issues.

Mr Van Dyk’s approach is to better understand how patients injure themselves and then seek out ways to prevent related issues. He also believes that educating patients is a crucial part of the healing process, as it creates a better partnership between the patient and the healthcare provider.

His wealth of knowledge and experience, combined with his passion for his patients’ well-being, make him an outstanding Physiotherapist. His commitment to providing exceptional care has earned him a sterling reputation and a loyal patient base.

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