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Mr Josh Potts

Sports rehabilitation therapist


Josh graduated from St Mary’s University, Twickenham with a degree in Sports Rehabilitation. He learned how to critically analyse a person’s symptoms to find the root of the problem, as well as designing active programmes that are individualized to the patient’s needs. Having previously worked within the professional sporting world of both football and rugby. Josh has been exposed to a wide variety of injuries in which he developed many players back to full fitness.
Josh still enjoys playing sports such as golf, football, and running in his free time. Being involved in sports from a young age led him to bring fascinated by how the body functions and moves. Combining his knowledge in biomechanics with his passion for client satisfaction, he enjoys getting his patients back to moving freely again.
Dealing with a wide range of clientele, the focus of Josh’s sessions always remains the same: to restore pain free movement and prevent the onset of future injuries. Using a variety of techniques ranging from PNF stretching to weight training. Josh will look to build a solid foundation where the patient can create an opportunity to really commit to their well-being, and objectively see the improvements that they are making.
Josh also has experience working with soft tissue techniques such as massage, trigger points, and passive stretching which allows him to be effective in alleviating his patient’s symptoms. Josh is also a huge advocate for patient education. If a patient does not know the reason as to why they are doing something, their adherence rate to the programmes will be lower. Education is solely the most important aspect of a rehabilitation pathway, so he will take his time to go into depth and detail about exactly what is happening and why each treatment modality will work to improve a patient’s symptoms.

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