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Mr Jordan Alexander Harris

Sport Rehabilitation Therapist


Jordan has been working as a Sports Therapist with Optimal Spine & Sports Dimensions since graduating from his Masters in Sports Therapy.

He prides himself on providing holistic care to each client he sees and providing them with programmes specified not only to their requirements but desires too. As a practitioner at Optimal Spine & Sports Dimensions, he is responsible for completing assessments such as: Injury and Biomechanical assessments, and then based off the specific needs of each client will then follow this up with a range of treatment methods from Exercise Rehabilitation and Mobility work to Manual Therapy & Deep-Tissue Massage.

Jordan has an extensive history in sport, having played football from the age of 5 as well as spouts of playing cricket, hockey, badminton, and tennis in the ensuing years. He has had an interest in fitness since he was young having attended the gym for over 10 years, and is always looking for new exercises and stretches to engage in to better himself as well as find new methods of treatment for his clients. He feels that the best way to help a client progress is through having first-hand knowledge of each exercise, the technique required to allow for the perfect execution as well as the exact location and sensation of each exercise, and the benefits associated with it too.

It was Jordan’s participation and love of sport that led him to this in Sports Therapy. His interest in how the body works and the ways people & athletes can avoid and recover from injuries being the some of the forefront reasons as well as being able to apply his knowledge to help people.

Due to his experience playing football, he has hand first-hand encounters with sports injury rehabilitation and ensures that he is always developing his knowledge for any challenge that he is tasked with.

Working alongside the Chiropractors at Optimal Spine & Sports Dimensions, we have developed a very effective partnership where we are able to help any client that comes through the door, whether they are from suffering simply from back pain or disc issues, in addition to a whole host of other conditions/pains.

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