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Allaman Meta

Sport Rehabilitation Therapist


Allaman Meta is an experienced Rehabilitation Therapist with a BSc (Hons) in Sport Rehabilitation, focusing on injury prevention, rehabilitation and exercise prescription. He has a demonstrated history of working in the sports industry and patients with various types of injuries and conditions.

Currently, Allaman works as a Sport Rehabilitation Therapist at Optimal Spine & Sport Dimensions where he provides comprehensive care to both professional athletes and general population. He believes that when it comes to rehabilitation there is not a ‘one-size-fit approach’. Therefore, following an in-depth indvidual injury assessment, patients undergo a thorough biomechanical analysis to identify the most appropriate treatment plan. Most treatment plans will implement using a range of manual and exercise-based therapies to aid in the recovery process. He previously worked at Back to Health Chiropractic Clinics Ltd and Eastbourne Borough F.C as a Sport Rehabilitation Therapist.

Prior to his current role, Allaman worked in Sport Rehabilitation for Millwall Football Club as an apprentice. During his apprenticeship, he provided support to injured players, and was involved in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries.

Allaman is passionate in providing high standard treatmets that will not only alleviate patient’s pain and discomfort in the short run but will also teach them how to sustainably protect their body and minimise potential future injuries. Likewise, this is also his goal for professional athletes who are keen to improve their performance and ultimately excel in their carrers.

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